Monday, June 6, 2011

You are Dumb and Stupid

"Accept Suffering from God with un­questioning submission. Whatever you do and think, especially in times of suffering, when you are an afflicted Christian, do not, if you believe, sit in judgment on your life and actions; otherwise you will go wrong. You are dumb, stupid, you are being tried and held captive, and you cannot speak aright about your affairs or pass judgment on them. You are told to "wait on the Lord" (Ps. 27:14). And do not be offended; do not murmur and despair. For you are not giving your actions and afflictions the proper name. Your judgment is false, your talk is wrong, your wisdom is fool­ishness. For the will of God is that the old man be destroyed and the flesh mor­tified. However, while this is being done, the flesh speaks falsely and judges fool­ishly. . . . But the spirit conquers and draws this conclusion: What God has in mind with these plans I do not under­stand, neither do I desire to know it; but I shall bear the hand of the Lord and say: Thou art my God, Thy promise and Word remain forever."

- Martin Luther

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