Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Worship must have a divine precept

“…. Every part of divine worship must have a divine precept. As the first com­mand teacheth us what God is to be worshipped, so the second command teacheth in what way he will be worshipped. The tabernacle and all the instruments thereof, yea, the very snuffers and ash-pans, were to be made exactly according to the pattern in the mount, Exod. xxv. 40; Heb. viii. 5. Typifying that all the exercise of worship used by the church, whether in doctrine or dis­cipline, must be conformed to the written word, Gal. i. 8. Our religion must be not only rational but regular; our worship must be both universal and canonical…., Gal. vi. 16 ; “As many as walk according to this canon, or rule, peace be unto them.” The saints' service must be word-service …Rom. xii. 1; …….The institutions of Christ, not the inventions of men, are the rule of worship. Our work is not to make laws for ourselves or others, but to keep the laws which the great prophet of his church hath taught us; that coin of worship which is current amongst us must be stamped by God himself. We are to be governed as the point in the compass, not by the various winds, (the practices of former ages, or the fashions of the present generation, which are mutable and uncertain, ) but by the constant heavens. Our devo­tion must be regulated exactly according to the standard of the word. It is idolatry to worship a false god, or the true God in a false manner.”

-George Swinnock Works Vol. 1

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