Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I hate this thing!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

 I try to take one of my children out alone for a "date night" each week. This last week I took my 5 year old daughter out to to one of those arcades were you get  tickets for playing the games. You spend five dollars or so on the games and when your done you have a small handful of tickets you can turn in for some cheesy cheap plastic toys.

We played some games, got our tickets, traded them in for a few cheesy cheap plastic toys, but we still had 10 tickets left. Not sure what to do with them my daughter asked for a Chinese finger trap. "What do you do with it?" she asked me as the man at the counter handed it to her. "Not much" I replied "you just stick one finger in each end of it."

 Looking through her newly acquired treasures on the way home, my daughter ripped the Chinese finger trap out of the package, pushed a finger in each side of it and said "Look Daddy, it's my Chinese finger trap!" As I looked at her in the rear view mirror the words were hardly out of her mouth when her little face scrunched up and she hollered "Hey, my fingers are stuck!...... I hate this thing!" There were a few more moments of silence and then with a growing frown on her face and her fingers still stuck in the trap she mumbled "I'm throwing this thing in the trash!"

Now that was worth the ten tickets!

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