Monday, December 6, 2010

No Cherished Beliefs?

"Education is the process of taking a culture's values, assumptions, traditions, and beliefs, then transmitting them from one genera­tion to the next. Because our culture is in crisis, we should not be surprised that the process of education also is in crisis. We have established a vast machinery for educating our children—com­pulsory education laws to require attendance for many years, sig­nificant tax burdens on property owners to pay for it all, and politicians who promise to support this ganglion of problems. We have built an immense mechanism to pass on our cherished beliefs to our children, but, much to our chagrin, we have now come to discover that we no longer have any cherished beliefs.

Actually, we do have one cherished belief left—that our gov­ernment schools exist "for the kids," and that a vote for school levies is necessarily a vote "for the kids." Anyone who differs with this belief, we are told, must be hostile to kids..."

From Excused Absence by Douglas Wilson

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