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New Books on the Covenanters at Polemos

The Covenanters at Polemos

1368: Fair Sunshine: Martyrs in the Early Scottish ChurchFair Sunshine: Martyrs in the Early Scottish Church
By Jock Purves / Banner Of Truth

"Fair Sunshine, by Jock Purves deserves a place alongside the very best of the many volumes which deal with that terrible yet glorious period of history of the Scottish church between the restoration of Charles II and the accession of William III. Whether Jock Purves was writing about James Guthrie at the beginning or James Renwick at the very end of this time of martyrdom and suffering, there was a lyrical quality about his treatment. When taken together with his spiritual perception and moral earnestness this drives every one of these biographical chapters to the heart of the reader."

554036: Ballantyne: Hunted and Harried: A Tale of the Scottish CovenantersBallantyne: Hunted and Harried: A Tale of the Scottish Covenanters
By The Vision Forum, Inc

"The Scottish Kirk was in conflict with the King of England, and by 1666, the king's soldiers were given lists of the names of Scottish Covenanters to hunt down and persecute. The story focuses upon Will Wallace, who begins searching for a defiant Protestant before joining the "hunted and harried" himself. 249 pages, cloth-bound hardcover, smyth-sewn binding, gold imprinted cover. Please Note: Ballantyne sometimes describes events in a graphic manner. Parents may wish to preview."
250748: Martyrland: A Tale of Persecution from the Days of the Scottish CovenantersMartyrland: A Tale of Persecution from the Days of the Scottish Covenanters
By Robert Simpson / Solid Ground Christian Books

"Over 18,000 saints of God had been martyred before the ascension of William III to the throne of England in 1688 and the subsequent 'Glorious Revolution' which brought an end to the terrible persecutions in Scotland...There are many historical records and accounts of the exploits of the Covenanters, but Martyrland stands in a league all of its own. If you would like to be transported in your imagination back to the 17th Century and enabled to vividly hear, and see, and smell, and feel all that went on, then this book is going to capture your mind in a way that you will not easily forget! One piece of friendly advice: Don't let your Spouse know of this book until AFTER you have read it. I made that mistake, and for a few weeks my wife and I were racing to be first in bed so as to get first dabs on what still remains our favorite historical narrative!" - Pastor Robert Elliott, Riverside, California Rev. Robert Simpson (1792-1867) was the minister of North United Presbyterian Church of Sanquhar, Scotland for forty-eight years. An honorary degree was conferred by Princeton College, U.S., 1853. In addition to Martyrland he was author of The Two Shepherds, The Minister and his Hearer, Traditions of the Covenanters, Life of the Rev. James Renwick, A Voice from the Desert, Memorials of Worth, History of Sanquhar, and Cottars of the Glen.
871043: Makers of Puritan HistoryMakers of Puritan History
By Marcus L Loane / Banner Of Truth

"Are our civil and religious freedoms under threat? According to some social commentators we are living in very uncertain times in which the freedoms we have long enjoyed are coming under increasing pressure. The liberty we take so much for granted may not be as secure as we think. When this book was first published there was little or no sign of such danger on the horizon. In 1960 the church may have taken her religious freedom for granted and perhaps had forgotten the price paid by those who had 'fought for freedom of truth and conscience, freedom for life and worship, freedom both as citizens and Christians'. Today in the West the prospect facing the church may well be one of suffering for the sake of the gospel and of sharing the common experience of our fellow Christians in many other parts of the world.

This prospect makes the story of the four men told in this book all the more fascinating and relevant. In the seventeenth-century two Scottish Covenanters, Alexander Henderson and Samuel Rutherford, and two English Puritans, John Bunyan and Richard Baxter, were at the forefront in the struggle for liberty of conscience and freedom of worship. The story of their suffering and triumph, vividly told by a skilled biographer, enables the reader to visualize clearly both the problems which faced the church during that turbulent period of her history and the principles upon which our spiritual forefathers courageously took their stand. Of course, it would not be hard to point out their limitations and imperfections, their mistakes and failures; but they were fired by an inner nobility of motive and ideal which lifts them above petty criticism and gives them a lasting title to be known as men who were like Bunyan's pilgrim, Valient-for-Truth."
780669: William Symington: Penman of the Scottish CovenantersWilliam Symington: Penman of the Scottish Covenanters
By Roy Blackwood & Michael LeFebvre / Reformation Heritage / Soli Deo Gloria
26184: Our Covenant Heritage: Covenanter"s Struggle for Unity in TruthOur Covenant Heritage: Covenanter's Struggle for Unity in Truth
By Edwin Nisbet Moore / Christian Focus Publications

"The drama in this book took place in Scotland in the late seventeenth century when English Kings, who saw themselves as head of the church, conducted a twenty-eight year reign of terror intended to destroy the Presbyterian church. Historians refer to those persecuted as 'Covenanters' because they had sworn a covenant to preserve their faith in Scotland and promote the reformation of religion in England and Ireland. Thousands chose to suffer persecution rather than give in to the king, hundreds died."

2343957: The Lion of the CovenantThe Lion of the Covenant
By Maurice Grant / Evangelical Press

"Of all the names associated with the cause of Scottish Covenanters, and their heroic resistance to arbitrary power, none is better known than that of Richard Cameron. As preacher, public figure and popular leader, he epitomized the steadfastness of a people in the face of a bitter and protracted persecution. Such was the impact of his life that, even in his own day, his name came to be synonymous with uncompromising adherence to a cause, a cause that was of the very essence of civil and religious freedom."


008202: The Scottish Covenanters DVDThe Scottish Covenanters DVD
By Vision Video

"This video presents a penetrating look at a movement in 17th-century Scotland that is little known today but whose courage and fortitude are woven into the fabric of the Scottish people. The Covenanters covenanted with God for the good of the people. This video covers the story of fifty years with a short prelude to help understand the reason why they acted as they did. Their conflict was basically spiritual, but, due to prevailing and constant persecution, they were drawn into deeper conflicts and complexities. They fought long and hard for the crown right and prerogatives of Christ over His Church with devastating results upon themselves." Approx. 55 Minutes.

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