Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Infinite Savior: Part 1 of 2

The Infinite Savior

In Psalm 51:4 King David weeps very bitterly to the Lord, “Against You, You only have I sinned”

This is a most remarkable statement considering the fact that he had just committed adultery, taken the wife of one of his most faithful soldiers and arranged to have this faithful soldier killed on the battlefield. King David sinned against Uriah, Bathsheba, his own family and his entire kingdom, but yet he says to the Lord “Against You, You only have I sinned”? How could he say such a thing?

The answer to this perplexing question lies in the very nature of God Himself. Sin derives its definition and wrongness from God. Sin is what it is in light of who God is and sin does not exist apart from Him. Sin is not a standard over God and above God that exists apart from God. God does not look to the standard of sin to see what is right or wrong, but rather God defines the standard. God is ultimate and God tells us what things are sin and what things are not sin. If there’s no God, if there isn’t any ultimate being who defines sin, then sin simply does not exist.

But there is a God, and He has defined sin and righteousness for us. He is the ultimate, final authority and He is the standard. He is the Law maker and Judge. Therefore any sin that we commit is against Him and against His authority as the one and only Lawgiver. When we break His law we are assailing Him as Judge. Any lack of conformity to His Law is an attack upon Him and rebellion against Him. Sin is mutiny of the worst kind; the wicked act of the creature trying to usurp the throne and authority of the Creator.

Sin is ultimately therefore against God. But perhaps the most fearful thought in this regard is this: Sin is against an eternal and infinite God: Let that sink in for a moment…. Sin is against an eternal and infinite God. This being the case our sin takes on an eternal and infinite character that we cannot get rid of.

Think about this: God is infinite (limitless) and we are finite (limited), when we sin against an infinite God we accrue an infinite amount of guilt and our sin takes on an infinite quality that we as finite creatures cannot remove. We cannot expunge it no matter how hard we try. We cannot atone for it and we cannot go back in time and undo it. As far as our own ability is concerned, we are irrevocably joined to our sins and their guilt. We cannot extricate ourselves from their permeating grip; we are trapped and completely helpless to free ourselves from them.

We have dishonored God and cannot give Him His honor back, we have robbed Him of the glory that is due Him and we cannot make restitution. We have broken His law and cannot un-break it. As long as God exists, the guilt of our sin exists. And as long as God exists we remain finite law breakers who cannot absorb the punishment that we deserve.

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