Sunday, November 21, 2010

Indeed, atheists are but beasts...

"Indeed, atheists are but beasts, shaped in the proportion and dressed in the habits of men. It is impossible for man to manifest more want of reason, than in wandering from God, the fountain of his being, and the wellspring of all his blessed­ness. Who ever, unless bereft of his wits and distracted, would murder his body, much less his precious soul, forever? As soon as ever the prodigal ' came to himself,' he came to his father. It was a clear sign he had lost his reason, when he left bread in his father's house for husks amongst swine. Men's hearts naturally are, like Nebuchadnezzar's, the hearts of beasts, grazing only in fleshly pastures, and savoring only sensual pleasures, till their reason returneth to them; then they bless and honour the most high God, who liveth for ever, Dan. iv. 34;"

-George Swinnock, The Works of George Swinnock Vol. 1

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