Thursday, November 18, 2010

Atheism suits the depraved wishes

Speaking of Thanksgiving, what could possibly be more antithetical to the giving of thanks to God than Atheism; the pretending that there is no God in order to escape His rule and thoughts of His judgment.

The following is taken from  The Preacher's Homiletic Commentary and they hit the nail on the head; Atheism is a "belief" begotten by depraved wishful thinking.

"Atheism suits the depraved wishes.— The head is not convinced; but the heart, the seat of affections, is set upon this declaration, that there is no God. It is well known that the wish is the father of the thought; and the fool has the strong wish that there may be after all no God.    It would be a great relief if he could be firmly persuaded that there were no moral governor, and that man were an irresponsible creature.    Responsibility is a heavy burden on the back of him who is sinful and foolish in conduct.   Man finds himself trammeled not only by outward laws, but by an inward feeling that he ought to be subject to and obey those laws, and he cannot rid himself of this feeling, he cannot shake himself free from the trammels.    The words " ought" and "ought not" are as fearful phantoms that torture his soul.    He longs to be free, and yet cannot attain freedom.    His wishes go out towards a goal which he can never reach. He keeps saying in his heart there is no God, and yet he gets no nearer to the establishment of this desired atheistic doctrine in his nature."

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