Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Way to Make Godly Countries

“The way to make godly parishes, and godly countries, and godly kingdoms, is to make godly families.   When sin as a plague spreadeth abroad, it begin-neth in families:  one atheistical family defileth and destroyeth many; it sendeth a son into one house, a daughter into another, a servant into a third, and every of them, like infectious persons, poison those with whom they converse: like a nest of foxes, they destroy and devour all the country over.   As one house on fire often burneth down many; so one profane family injureth many: one godly family, on the contrary, doth good to many.    As one stock of bees sendeth forth swarms and honey into many parts of the country; so one religious family, sending religious children and servants abroad, (they come in time to have families of their own,) may bring much honour to God, and be helpful to the eternal welfare of many souls”

-George Swinnck  Works Vol.1

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