Monday, October 11, 2010

Up the nose it goes...

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007: Up the nose it goes...

I took all of the children. I left my wife at home so that she could "get something done". We traveled several hours to Nebraska to pick up my elderly mother-in-law (who lives in our house with us) who had spent the preceding week with one of her other daughters. I had lacked the foresight to look at the weather forecast and we ended up driving into a massive snow storm.

We were on our way back, fishtailing down I-29 with cars going off the road in every direction when it happened. My youngest daughter started crying, her older sister leaned over to see what was wrong and started hollering "she's got a Skittle up her nose! she's got a Skittle up her nose!" (Apparently they begin to burn once the candy coating wears off.)

I pulled into the nearest snowbank and quickly proceeded to attempt to extract the Skittle from her nose. It wasn't easy, blowing wasn't enough I had to pull, poke and squeeze. When it finally came out it shot out with an almost violent force, but at least it was out.

If nothing else I learned a very valuable lesson; Don't give my three year old daughter a skittle unless she nose what to do with it!

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