Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family: The Nursery of the Christian Church

"....Christian families constitute the nursery of the Christian Church, and the Christian Church constitutes the conservator of the State. A nation in which the Domestic Economy is lightly estimated, or whose families are destitute of religion- in which no domestic altar is reared, where God's Word is discarded, and household instruction is neglected, and family government is prostrated- will, in spite of fervent preaching, and popular education, and costly philanthropy, naturally and inevitably lead to bad government, a dissolute people, the prevalence of social wrong, religious paralysis, and moral death.

On the other hand, let society be built up into families; let those families be organized upon, and be regulated by, the principles of God's Word; let the head be a king, a priest, and a prophet in its midst; let parental authority be maintained, and filial obedience be observed; in a word, let them be homes in which God is feared; Christ is confessed, the Sabbath is hallowed, and piety is nurtured, and we shall behold the reverse of the sad picture I have sketched- a sound Commonwealth, a healthy Government; a peaceful community, advancing religion, a prosperous Church, and a happy country."

Octavius Winslow in The Ministry of the Home

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