Thursday, October 21, 2010

Now That's a Mouth Full!

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Friday, August 1, 2008: Now That's a Mouth Full!

Our local library recently started a “chess night” every other week in which people can get together at the library and play a few games of chess. Our boys love to play chess and they're tired of getting beat by dad all the time so we’ve been going fairly regularly and it’s been lots of fun. 

This last time I took my four year old daughter along and she naturally became bored with the whole chess thing after a little bit, so I took her out to walk around in the library for a while. As we entered the toddlers play area I noticed a 4 foot tall stuffed Barney flopped over in a chair in the corner of the room and before I knew it my sweet little daughter was running over to see him. I don't think we have ever watched Barney so I had no idea what she was doing, but I soon found out.

Much to the horror of all the on-looking toddlers my little girl ran up to Barney, stuck her head right in his big mouth and started hollering (quietly of course, she does have some manners) "Ahhhhh, he's chewing my head!"

I don't know, maybe we need to do a little more work on the whole "meek and quiet spirit" thing (1 Peter 3:4). One things for sure though, I think Barney bit off more than he could chew with this one.

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