Saturday, October 23, 2010

Faul T. Reezning on The Sufficiency of Scripture

Greetings once again ladies and gentleman,

It is I, Faul T. Reezning, your more than average evangelical and grandson of the famous German philosopher Eishur Kant Thinkwell. Today I will be applying my mental prowess to the subject of the sufficiency of scripture.

My last post caused some of you dear readers to question my commitment to the sufficiency of scripture. Now that’s funny! Let me assure every one of you that I am just as committed to the sufficiency of scripture as most other evangelicals are today. I, just like most modern evangelicals, believe that the scriptures are 100% sufficient for all the things that they address…. it’s just…well…there are one or two things that they don’t really address.

Things like politics, law making, criminal law, penology, restitution, forms of government, economics, bail out plans, national debt, personal debt, church debt, borrowing and lending, fractional-reserve banking, taxes, the Federal Reserve, welfare, unemployment benefits, unions, health care…

…and career choices, education, putting our children in day care, public schools, Christian schools, college, youth groups, Sunday school, children’s church…

…and mothers working outside the home, the size of families, sex, birth control, the role of grandparents in the family, dating, apparel, eating and drinking, sleeping…

boy, my hands are cramping up…

…what God expects from the unbeliever, what is acceptable in the worship of the church, the role of men and women in the church, what kinds of songs the church should sing…

Well, I could go on and on, but my fingers are getting tired and I think you get the point. Be assured though, dear readers, that the Bible does authoritatively address all the other areas of life like…ah….aaaaah…well…I think it addresses sexual orientation but that’s kind of controversial so lets not talk about that.

Anyhow, I know that there are those who think that the scriptures address every aspect of life in one way or another, either by direct command, normative example or unavoidable consequence but stop and think about this for a moment. Do you really want to start going down that road? You start believing stuff like that and you’re in for a looooot of hard work!

You start believing stuff like that and you’re really going to have to start studying your Bible and comparing scripture with scripture. You’re going to have to incline your ear to wisdom and apply your heat to understanding. You’ll have to seek wisdom as if it was silver and search for it as if it was hidden treasure! Have I said this already? It sounds vaguely familiar…Anyway; do you really want to get involved in a big mess like that?

Just think of the benefits of my point of view for a moment; I get a clear conscience for saying that scripture is completely authoritative and sufficient for every area of life (that it addresses) and none of the hard work of searching the scriptures or the nuisance of them affecting my everyday life! So simple! So easy! Anyone could do it!

So, if you want to assert that you believe in the sufficiency of scripture but you don’t want it interfering with your casual Christian lifestyle then just say with me: “I believe that the Bible is 100% sufficient for everything that it addresses!” Put it in your statement of faith and go on your merry way.

And remember; be of good cheer, you and I think exactly alike! That my friends is your Faul T. Reezning for today.

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