Friday, October 15, 2010

Faul T. Reezning on The Church and Politics

Greetings Ladies and gentleman,

My name is Faul T. Reezning, grandson of the famous German philosopher Eishur Kant Thinkwell, and I have been invited to be an occasional guest blogger here at Poleblog.

I was informed that my “peculiar reasoning abilities might actually shed some light on some of the subjects addressed here on this blog.” And not wanting to deprive this dark world of the bright rays of my penetrating intellect and the illuminating discrimination of my razor sharp mental focus, I accepted the invitation without delay and with an unusually great amount of humility.

If you happen to have trouble following me through the twisting and turning of my subtle arguments and my sublime use of logic just know that you are not alone, many great men have confessed that they too just can’t follow my thoughts.

So if you have any difficult subjects that you need addressed just write me here at: Faultreezning at

Today, readers, I have been asked to focus my mental prowess on the subject of the Church and Politics.

Some weeks ago, Jym (I have carefully misspelled his name to protect his identity) wrote and informed us that “Any church that dabbles in politics should be avoided!” This, of course, can be a touchy subject so I want to be very careful addressing this delicate matter.

Frankly, I think “Jym” is absolutely right! Politics is a God-free zone that is, and must be, totally exempt from the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Why you ask? Because, …ah….well…a…well, I know that God created politics, that He grants political authority to whom ever He wishes, that political rulers are called His ministers and that Jesus Christ is the King of kings but that doesn’t mean that He needs to be involved in all that stuff, does it?

God does allow us to exclude Him from certain areas of life wherever we see fit, doesn’t He? When Scripture tells us to bring “every thought” captive to obedience to Jesus Christ, surely it doesn’t include political thoughts. Why, I even looked in my New Testament concordance once and couldn’t even find the word “politics.” And if it’s not in my New Testament concordance then I don’t believe our Trinitarian God has anything to do with it.

God is a big God who is concerned with big things. Surely He’s not concerned with little things like national righteousness, law and justice. It’s not like political issues affect our everyday lives, the world we live in, the future of our country or the future of our children. Even if it did, those are all just “fleshly” things anyhow, the Bible deals with spiritual things like…a…well....a…well you know, those things that are strictly spiritual; like going to church maybe.

Yup, Jym and I see eye to eye, we’re two peas in a pod, birds of a feather and all that. I just wanted to thank you Jym for bringing up this subject and giving us such a timely and eloquent warning. And for all of you out there who agree with Jym’s sentiments concerning the Church and Politics, be of good cheer, you and I think exactly alike!

Faul T. Reezning

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